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Fluffy, scruffy, big or small, we care for them all.
We’ve cared for more than 10,000 pets since 2000!


With more than 191 combined years of experience in the animal care field, our pet-loving team is dedicated to providing the BEST care and services for your pet!



We generously support the organizations in Central Virginia who work tirelessly to better the lives of our community’s animals in need.


Our Promise

Your pet’s physical and mental well-being is our top priority. We pledge to treat each animal entrusted to us with the highest level of compassion and respect.




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Hear What Our Guests Have to Say About Us:

“. . .When I first took my dog Max there, he was a skittish rescue who had some problems at another doggie day care out of the area. Apprehensive I took Max to Pampered Pets to try day care again after moving to Charlottesville. They were fantastic!

When I first started taking Max in, they wanted to know all about his history and worked with him accordingly. He always comes home tired and I get daily reports on his activity and who he played with. . .”

Max's Dad

“We take our dog to Pampered Pets for training and day camp and it’s hands-down a fantastic place. They clearly care and love the animals that visit.”

Loki’s Mom
“My Boys Brutie and Brownie love love love the people at Pampered Pets! They treat them so well there! I cannot say enough about the staff in Day Camp and also Charlie and other office staff who also helps me over the phone when I call!”
Brownie & Brutie’s Mom
“Butters got a wash and cut here today and she looks amazing! The customer service was great and the price was fair. Butters looks adorable and she seems very happy!”
Butters’ Mom
“I love how excited Baxter gets when he knows it’s a Pampered Pets day. He can hardly wait! The staff is great. He loves all of them and he gets such great care and attention there. I’m so impressed by the facilities. The new yard and the pools are fantastic fun for the dogs. Baxter comes home worn out and ready for a good sleep!”
Baxter’s Mom
“My sweet big lab puppy had a great first day. Dawn, Pam and the other staff were attentive, courteous and treated her like she was royalty. I love the midday break and small ratio of dogs to handlers. Not to mention the facilities are extraordinarily clean and calm given it is a dog camp. I look forward to bringing Frannie back.”
Frannie’s Mom
“Mary Jane is doing terrific! Thank you so much for taking care of her while I was in Mexico! I knew I could relax with such a great group of people caring for my old lady beagle. I was especially pleased to see that Kaicee has joined your team since I know what wonderful work she’s done at the CASPCA. It was a huge relief for me to see I was leaving Mary Jane with someone who knows her and cares so much for every animal in her charge.
Mary Jane’s Mom
“Mr. Scruff always enjoys his visits to Pampered Pets and being home again. You all take excellent care of him and for that we are very appreciative. Thank you and all the Pampered Pets staff for making his visits and stay wonderful.”
Mr. Scruff’s Mom

“Eli is very new-person-shy, and I was worried about his ability to let people he didn’t have much experience with take care of him. Your staff was terrific. By the time I picked him up, he was even letting someone on your staff who hadn’t worked with him before put his halter on him – something he refused when I first brought him by for a “warm-up” visit before his stay.

I feel great knowing that he’ll do well at Pampered Pets on future stays, thanks to your kind and experienced staff!”

Eli’s Mom
“We were very pleased with the care everyone at Pampered Pets gave to our cat, Cleo. We were especially grateful for the fact that you were willing to give her the medicine that was prescribed for her at the last minute before we left. Thanks for your good work!”
Cleo’s Family
“When it became clear that my newly adopted hound mix, Enie, was leash reactive, my heart sank. Enie’s behavior made me feel helpless, frustrated, and alienated from my own dog. But Valerie Balwanz turned my world around. Her patience, calm demeanor, and incredible skill in private lessons and group classes at Pampered Pets had an immeasurable impact. I cannot imagine where Enie and I would be today without Valerie’s care and training.”
Enie's Mom
“Our 7 year old schnauzer, Max, was in need of a “manners tune-up” and Pampered Pets was just what we needed. Valerie treated our Max like he was family, not just a furry student! She offers an array of foundational skills, but also adds “tricks” and fun games! So not only will your pup learn some new skills, tricks, and manners, so will their human, and in the end, you will gain a sweet friend in Valerie and grow closer with your pet!”
Max's Mom
“I am so glad that a friend recommended Valerie for dog training. Her gentle, kind and always-positive manner made the experience so enjoyable for our entire family, both two- and four-legged members. We learned so many helpful skills while having fun. I recommend Valerie and Pampered Pets to all of my dog-owning friends.”
Winter's Mom