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Dog Day Care

We all love our four-legged companions, but in our day-to-day rush, we sometimes fall short in providing for their important physical and social needs. If your active dog enjoys the company of other dogs but you can’t provide sufficient playtime, then our Day Camp for dogs may be your solution!

Our Day Care offers a variety of dog playgroups each day to best accommodate a wide range of sizes, play styles and each dog’s individual needs. All dogs are evaluated prior to admission to ensure that they are well suited for the day camp environment and to allow us to match them up with the appropriate group.

Reservations for New Campers

We are accepting applications for new day campers!  Fill out our application online or call us 434-293-7387 ext. 3.

Reservations for Enrolled Campers

Reservations for enrolled campers can be made online or by phone 434-293-7387 ext. 3.

Dogs may attend Day Camp up to 2 times per week. Advance reservations are accepted through the end of the following calendar month and are required to ensure we stay within our dog-to-counselor ratio. Reservations can be made the same day you would like to attend, but we cannot guarantee space will be available. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

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What Makes Pampered Pets’ Doggie Day Camp Unique?

  • We offer a positive-reinforcement day camp program developed by a CPDT-KA certified trainer. All of our counselors receive hands-on training with an instructor, complete required reading materials/videos, have knowledge examinations and undergo periodic evaluations. To learn more about CPDT-KA certification, go to CCPDT.org.
  • Our facility has multiple indoor and outdoor play yards with a variety of fun features to satisfy our four-legged attendees, including pools, climbing structures, and jumps.
  • Small playgroups with a high staff-to-dog ratio. Our playgroups range in size from 8 to 18 dogs per group. This allows the counselors to safely manage the group while providing adequate individual attention to each camper.

  • All dogs must complete an evaluation process to ensure that all dogs entering day camp will be safe and well-suited for camp.
  • We provide all campers with midday naps. This is a much-needed rest period so your dog does not become over-stimulated. During this time, we serve lunches and provide high-quality snacks. Your dog will be able to have a snack, take a break and be ready for afternoon play again!
  • Our staff receives ongoing education and training to better serve your dog.
  • Playgroups are rotated frequently throughout the day from our outdoor to indoor areas. This ensures everyone fresh air and sunshine, will encourage elimination outdoors and offers everyone a change of scenery.
Pampered Pets Day Camp

Day Care Admission Requirements

Age Limit: Our Day Camp is for dogs at least four months old. Puppies under four months of age may attend our weekly Puppy Playgroup from 9-10 am on Saturdays.

Health: Keeping our day campers healthy is of the utmost importance. We require that owners certify that dogs are currently in good health and have not been ill with a communicable condition within the last 15 days. Any dogs who have been ill within that time will require a veterinarian certification of restored health prior to admission (or readmission).

Vaccinations: We require that all dogs are vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Titers are accepted. Dogs must also have had a negative fecal test in the last six months and be on flea and tick preventative (natural alternatives are accepted).

Spaying/Neutering: To eliminate any unnecessary behavior issues that could occur with an unaltered dog in a group environment, all dogs over the age of six months must be spayed/neutered to attend day camp.

Evaluations: For the safety and happiness of all dogs in our care, we require that pet parents complete a day camp application and that all dogs participate in an initial free day camp evaluation. This helps us determine if your dog  is suited for the day camp environment. While some dogs thrive in this atmosphere, others can find it very stressful.


1st Day Evaluation


Monday - Friday

$32per day

Give Your Dog More Fun!

For your payment convenience, we offer multi-day play passes for your pet. All passes are good for one year from their purchase date.


Yes! We would be happy to give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have. Tours are best on Monday through Friday between 9AM-Noon or 1PM-4PM. Please call ahead if you would like to schedule a specific time to tour our Day Camp.
We have a thorough application and evaluation process that will help us make the best decision for both you and your dog. For your dog to really enjoy the Day Camp experience, he should like playing with other dogs, be comfortable around people and adjust well to new environments/ situations. If you just are not sure, please contact us and we can assist you in making the right decision for your pet.
In some cases, a dog may initially not be right for Day Camp due to mild to moderate anxiety or fear issues towards other dogs, people, or new places. In a situation like this, a behavior modification program could improve the dog’s social ability and he could be re-evaluated for day camp.

Some dogs just aren’t interested in playing with other dogs. They may be more people-oriented or have matured, and simply have become less interested in dog play. Some dogs have a few select dog friends and don’t like any others. That’s okay. Humans don’t like every person they meet, so why should our dogs be any different?

Any aggression or serious behavior issues that could be dangerous in a Day Camp environment will be identified during the application process. Dogs that are under-socialized or show aggression towards people or other dogs will need professional help from an experienced trainer and are not eligible to participate in Day Camp. As much as we would like to include all of our canine friends in the fun, Day Camp is not the appropriate place to try and fix serious behavioral issues. Please see our Training Services for help.

We keep our play groups small (less than 15 dogs per group) to maintain a safe, manageable play environment for all our campers. We separate our campers based on size, play style and personality.
If for some reason your dog does not enjoy the group play environment, we will contact you immediately. If you are unable to pick him up right away, we will gladly offer day lodging to you that day, free of charge.
In play groups, dogs can sometimes become over-stimulated but continue to play. Some dogs don’t self regulate very well and choose not to rest when there are lots of other dogs around. This can cause unnecessary problems that we want to avoid. Midday naps help the dogs settle down. During this time, Counselors will hand out lunches/snacks to the dogs and also taking a much needed break of their own!
*NEW POLICY – we no longer allow outside bedding, plush toys or blankets in our facility so we can ensure a tick and flea free environment. We provide premium bedding and blanket for every guest at no extra cost. Any extra items you bring will be stored in your dog’s assigned personal area for that day.
We are very diligent in our screening process and supervise all group play closely, but unfortunately, accidents can occur. Dogs use their mouths and paws to play and enjoy running around with each other. This can cause scratches or nicks, especially on short-coated dogs.

If your dog were to become ill or get injured and need immediate medical attention, we would contact both you and your veterinary hospital to quickly get the care your dog needs. If your veterinarian is unavailable, we would take your dog to the closest available emergency veterinary clinic.

Yes. We have outdoor play yards and have the groups on a schedule similar to a general home environment, where they go outside every few hours. If your dog eliminates indoors, that is okay. The Day Camp environment is very different from your home and the dogs are aware of the difference.
On average, a pet parent brings their dog 2 times a week. We encourage you to come at least twice a month so your dog can adjust well to group play and develop relationships with the other dogs. If your dog is absent from Day Camp for more than 6 months, he will need to be re-evaluated before coming back into the camp.
Puppies who are at least 4 months old may attend Day Camp.

Day Camp is open from 7:00AM – 5:30PM, Monday through Friday. Dogs must arrive by 10AM. A charge of $25 will be incurred for any dog that is picked up after 5:45 PM.

Reservations are accepted through the end of the following calendar month. For example, if today is February 1st, you could reserve up to 2 spaces per week for your dog through March 31st. Please note that if you make a reservation and are a no-show, a fee of $32 will be incurred.

Have a question?

Email our Day Camp Manager at daycamp@pamperedpetscville.com