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This class meets for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings from April 26th through May 31st.

This class is for puppies who have completed Kindergarten and for Adult dogs who have completed Basic Good Manners.  It is also for dogs who have had  training but might like to review some basics without going all the way back to the Basic Good Manners class.

This class covers things that are useful skills to have as part of your dog’s Basic Manners training: More time to work on Leash Walking, building stronger Recall, Settle position, Jazz Up and Settle Down exercises (controlling the level of arousal in your dog), Speak and Shush (turn barking on and off), Trade /Drop It, Better Stays – adding distractions, Better Leave It – advancing to the dropped Leave It, Gotcha – desensitizing your dog to collar grabs, Playing Tug, adding Duration to attention exercises and increasing offered attention.  Play and Games are incorporated into this class as part of relationship building exercises.