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This class meets for 8 weeks on Thursday evenings from August 30th through October 18th.

Reactive Rover is for dogs who, while on a leash, will bark and lunge at other dogs. This is a common problem called leash reactivity. Leash reactive dogs may put on huge displays of aggression, often leaving owners feeling overwhelmed and isolated. Walking the dog becomes stressful, if not impossible.

Reactive Rover Class offers a calm, controlled and supportive environment in which both the owner’s and the dog’s needs will be addressed. Reactive Rover focuses on improving an owner’s confidence in their ability to handle their dog around other dogs. Additionally, a significant amount of time is spent working to change the dog’s emotions which are the underlying cause of this behavior. As part of the class you’ll be invited to join an online group where you can connect with other owners of reactive dogs.

Class begins with an orientation night, which will be an in-depth discussion about leash reactivity so you can better understand your dog’s behavior. You’ll learn how clicker training works and why science-based, positive reinforcement training methods are the best way to treat this behavior. You’ll be sent home with a clicker and homework assignments to get to work on right away.

Class time is spent in several ways: You’ll address the root of your dog’s reactivity in counter-conditioning and desensitization sessions. These sessions include work with a neutral dog. You’ll also learn management tools to help you get out of trouble fast when walking your dog and do some training designed to improve impulse control. Dogs work in private pods so they cannot see their classmates.

Cost: $255. Register online. Class size is limited to three dogs.