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Get to Know Our Team: Meet Sam!

Sam KleffHow long have you worked at Pampered Pets?
I joined the Pampered Pets team around 3 years ago. I started as a bather and then trained as a groomer which I really enjoy.  I have always worked with animals and was happy to find a position at Pampered Pets that allows me to do something I care about. I am now the Grooming Manager.

What are some past positions you’ve had that involved caring for fur kids

In the past, I worked for a pet store caring for the puppies.  I  also worked at other grooming salons doing both bathing and some grooming.  Additionally, I spent  7 years doing a little bit of everything at a vet office: walking dogs, cleaning up after them, washing/grooming, medicating animals, helping with x-rays and prepping for surgery.

You have quite the menagerie of critters at your house.  Tell us about your four-legged kids!   1931444_1103024582713_6111537_n
Well we have three dogs, two shelties and a Brittney mix.  Fire is a Sheltie who will be 11 this year and Rain, who is 13, and then there is Leo the Brittney mix who is just a year old.  We also have four rats, Bastion, Cloud, Rico and Curly.  And, we have two cats, Riku and Gizmo.  There are also lots of chickens, ducks and  one 34-year-old horse!

What are you most thankful for this holiday season?
I am most thankful that I have a loving family, a roof over my head and that I am surrounded by my furry critters, a husband and familSam Kleffy from a far.

What’s your favorite thing to do with family this time of year? 
Enjoying dinner with family.

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