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There’s nothing more exciting than planning a vacation or trip away to some fun destination or an activity we really enjoy. Or maybe it’s a couple of hours at the salon to get pampered. Maybe it’s just a quick trip to someplace fun right here in Virginia. Or, it could be something a little more ambitious or exotic – maybe a trip to another state or country. Regardless, our focus is typically on the experience – having fun!

Packing & preparing

But once we start getting more into our travel plans we realize that there are things we need to do so that we can make sure we truly enjoy the trip or experience. How are we going to get there? What clothes should we pack? What will the weather be like? What do I need to do in order to stay healthy while away?

For a domestic trip, staying healthy or packing the right things aren’t too much of a challenge. Foreign trips sometimes require a trip to the doctor to be vaccinated against illnesses. Even when we visit the salon there are things we need to do in preparation. Regardless of where the fun takes us, there are unfortunately inherent risks or threats for which we need to be prepared.

The same is true for our dogs. Just venturing outside into our backyard or in our neighborhood can bring all types of possibilities for our pets. Our dogs LOVE to smell and eat almost anything. Just in our neighborhoods, we have trash, wild animals and their droppings that our pets love to investigate – yuck! If we have a social lifestyle with our pet (whether they’re visiting other dogs, playing in a river or pond, visiting a dog park, etc.) there’s a list of things to do and pack to be prepared.

Take preventative steps to keep your pet healthy

Dog in a carAs our pets enjoy these experiences, like us, there are inherent risks or threats associated with them. Therefore, it is our job as animal owners to understand and anticipate those risks so that we can keep our pets as healthy as possible. As you plan for your pet’s lifestyle, include a conversation with your veterinarian about plans for your pet and what you may want them to experience. Your vet is the best resource for keeping your pets healthy.

Places like Pampered Pets are considered “collectives” or community areas for pets – a place where many dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc. are all coming together for some type of pet-related service. Aggressive cleaning of the environment in a collective space is crucial as well as controlling the intermingling of pets. But equally important is taking preventative steps before the pet ever enters a collective space in order to keep them healthy.

Common dog illnesses at pet boarding facilities

The illnesses that we have identified as inherent risks in a collective like Pampered Pets are:

  • Rabies
  • Respiratory Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Parvo Virus
  • Para-Influenza

Therefore, we require dogs to be vaccinated for those listed in order to decrease the chance that they will experience these illnesses. Initially, it looks like a long list. There are even more illnesses from which your pet can be vaccinated, or protected from (such as heartworms, fleas, and ticks) all of which we recommend you do as well. There are also other illnesses that do not have vaccinations or preventative medications, such as Mycoplasma – yes that’s correct, dogs can get a common cold just like us.

The dog fluPampered Pets Lodging

There is a lot of conversation regarding canine influenza viruses and whether or not to require immunization against them. Along with many vets, Pampered Pets strongly advises your dogs receive the flu shot. However, at this time we do not require the vaccine to visit or board at our facility. This may change in the future depending on the prevalence and severity of the flu, the efficacy of the vaccine and recommendation of the larger veterinarian community. We think it is critical for pet owners to have thorough conversations with their vet in order to best prepare their pet for the lifestyles planned for them.

Thank you so much for sharing your pet with us, we love spending time with them!






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