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How to Make a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a toy that allows your dog to run and chase the toy while you stand relatively still. Great for those days when you need a rest or bad weather prevents you from a long walk!

 Materials needed:

  • PVC pipe ½ – ¾ inch diameter, available in 5 foot pre-cut lengths at Lowes
  • Paracord, or strong rope
  • Washers, wider than the diameter of your PVC
  • Toy – a water bottle stuffed in a tube sock is an easy homemade toy


  1. Cut a piece of cord 3-4 feet longer than the pipe.
  2. Feed the cord through the pipe.
  3. Slip washers over one end and tie a knot in cord, this makes a stop so the cord won’t slip through the pipe.
  4. Tie a toy to the other end and you’ve made a flirt pole! 

You get to stand still while your dog runs and chases the toy. Be sure to let him catch it once and a while! This is a great way to increase your dog’s exercise.

In case you’re not handy, you can buy flirt poles pre-made on Amazon!

By Valerie Balwanz, PMCT, CPDT

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