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Quick Winter Paw Care Tips

Dog Paws in the Snow

You’ve likely got your own winter care regiment for your skin and hair, but have you thought about your dog?! Just like winter wreaks havoc on our delicate skin, it poses a host of challenges for our four-legged friends, particularly for their sensitive paws. We’ve got a few easy reminders to keep your pooches’ paws safe and pain-free during and after their romps in the snow.

Keep long-haired dogs’ paw fur closely trimmed. This will keep ice balls from forming and lodging between their paw pads, causing painful irritation.

Always wash and dry paws after a winter walk. Salt crystals and de-icing chemicals can irritate the sensitive paw pads and cause painful cracking. Giving them a quick wash will also keep your dog from ingesting harmful chemicals like poisonous anti-freeze or chemical melting agents that may have gotten on their paws.

Create a barrier between paws and the ground. If you notice that your pet’s paws are often irritated, you might consider protective dog booties or applying a special moisturizing lotion, paw wax or petroleum jelly before and after outdoor play.

If you have any questions about winter paw care, please stop in and speak with our groomer. We are happy to take a look and do a quick paw fur and nail trim as needed.

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